[轉載自宿霧SMEAG台灣專屬部落格] [菲律賓留遊學] 學生 Scott 劍橋課程學習心得experience in sparta

最近更新日期: 2016-04-01


It’s already my last week! Since I have entered SMEAG school, There are really lots of my classmate who are friendly.

Time goes fat, even you want to slow down it, it really can’t be.at the first week, I started to study English to English all the time, to be honest, it really make me feel difficult, especially when there are lots of words you don’t understand, the only method is keep practicing its. therefore we use lots of words in speaking and other skills, in order to communicate with someone, we forced us to speak exactly.so that’s why we improve our skills gradually!!


In my own perspective, whatever every skills, the best way we think about this, to keep practicing it in English, had better not talk too much in mother language, and keep studying on grammar and phrase verbs as you can, that may help us use to speaking in correct answers!


the teachers in here really give us special and amazing skills, as we know, they really be optimistic in their lives, normally they really like activity too. When we in the class, we can talk with them just like friends!

It’s great to improve every skills . over, we usually can saw they walking around the aisle ,every time you can contact with them if you want, what give you a unpredictable feelings is that they can first know about you and your attractive personality.

On every weekend, in my case, we always have exam on Saturday, after that, it’s fun time!!i have been some beaches and location in Cebu, it is real to gain many special experience here! because we make plan by ourself and go out without familiar with each place.


To be fun in their spots, we should make sure our plan has already the best cheapest prize as you see, checking the most path to go there in order to not waste money and time, it is the most important thing in every trip!

Keep studying in SMEAG and go out on weekends with realized , time is always fast if you ignore it, assure what you want to learn for and do it!

Enjoying your trip in Philippines!!